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Meet Kat and cam

Katharine and Cameron Wright

With a combined experience of over 20 years in massage and wellness retreats, Kat and Cam, the passionate duo behind Island Heart Retreats, bring a unique blend of expertise to Island Heart Retreats.

Kat, has been a lead facilitator at Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna massage training retreats since 2015.  This was a natural progression having over 20 years experience in running massage, day spa and wellness centres.  Kat co-founded Earth Therapies on the Gold Coast in 2012, where she offers Hawaiian Massage, Holistic Counselling and Shamanic Healings for her clients.

Cam, Kat's husband, is a certified Lomi Lomi massage practioner and Breathwork coach.  He also runs meditation sessions and men's circles to support the personal growth of his clients and bring about heart alignment in their lives.

Devoted to their shared vision, Katharine and Cameron are on a mission to bring comprehensive well-being to the community they serve. Beyond the massage table, their commitment extends to organising workshops, events, and initiatives that promote health and wellness, enriching the lives of those they touch.

At Island Heart Retreats, the narrative is not just about massage and wellness; it's a story of two individuals dedicated to creating a sanctuary where the transformative power of Hawaiian massage is seamlessly woven with spiritual wisdom. The result is an enriching experience that radiates balance, vitality, and profound well-being for those seeking a holistic approach to their journey of self-discovery.