Vanuatu Retreat experiences

What's included

Island massages

Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with island-inspired massages. Our skilled therapists blend local techniques with the serene vibes of our shores, creating a nourishing massage for your mind and soul. Let the gentle sounds of the ocean enhance your experience, ensuring you leave feeling as rejuvenated as a coastal breeze.

Hawaiian movement meditation & yoga

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian movement meditation and yoga. Feel the energy of the islands guide your practice, harmonizing your body and spirit. Connect with the flow of the ocean and the spirit of the land in these transformative sessions.

Island cultural experiences

Immerse yourself in the heart of local traditions with unique island cultural experiences. Engage in authentic rituals, learn traditional dances, and absorb the vibrant stories of the community. It’s a soul-enriching journey connecting you with the genuine spirit of the island.

Local hikes

Lace up your walking shoes and embark on breathtaking local hikes through lush landscapes and hidden trails. Explore the island’s natural beauty, from lush rainforests to panoramic vistas. Each step is a journey of emotional and physical rejuvenation.

Healhty, locally-sourced meals

Our on-site Naturopath prepares meals specifically for your individual dietry requirements. From vegan to pescaterian, savor the flavors of the island, with gluten and dairy-free options available upon request. Every bite is a celebration of local goodness and nutrition, enhancing your overall well-being.

Meditations, Sound healing & fire release ceremonies

Experience deep moments with guided meditations, sound healing using shamanic instruments and empowering fire release  ceremonies. Connect deeply with yourself, release what no longer serves you and bring in your heart purpose for inner balance and spiritual alignment.

Island adventures: Swimming
in rainforest waterfalls
and blue lagoons

Dive into island adventures that include swimming in fresh rainforest waterfalls and blue lagoons. Feel nature’s embrace as you immerse yourself in the pristine waters, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the island.

Boat trips to idyllic isolated beaches

Take boat trips to idyllic, isolated beaches that await your exploration. Discover hidden coves, walk along untouched shores, and soak in the solitude of these remote paradises. Each journey is a journey into the untouched beauty of the island.

Water sports: Kayaking, standup paddle boarding, and snorkeling

Feel the thrill of island life with water sports that connect you to the natural wonders of the surroundings. Paddle through crystal-clear waters, standup paddleboard along the coast, and snorkel in vibrant coral reefs. Delight in the excitement of adventure while surrounded by the emotional wonders of the island.

Retreat details

Port havannah – Vanuatu

Are you ready for a heartfelt adventure? Join our 6-night overseas retreat for massage, spiritual practices, self-discovery, and island adventures. Immerse yourself in the Ancient Hawaiian way of living amidst lush landscapes and turquoise waters.